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ISSBD - Submitting to the Journal

Submitting to the Journal

What does IJBD publish?

For full submission guidelines, please visit the IJBD website.

IJBD publishes empirical, methodological, theoretical, and review papers on human behavioural development. The journal welcomes submissions from all disciplines. As an international journal, special emphasis is placed on geographical diversity in participants and authors.

All papers must have a developmental focus. Manuscripts with multiple methods or informants are encouraged. Longitudinal or experimental designs are recommended. Manuscripts that concern a comparison between countries or (sub)cultures must be motivated by a clear theoretical and developmental rationale. Studies whose sole purpose is to replicate well-established developmental phenomena in different countries or (sub)cultures are not typically published in IJBD.

Manuscripts that are under review elsewhere will not be considered for publication. The introduction to the manuscript should note if the manuscript is one of several papers derived from the same dataset. A cover letter to the Editor that indicates what is new and unique about the manuscript should accompany a submission derived from a large dataset.

The following article types will be considered for publication. For more details about each article type, please see the full submission guidelines (see link above):

  • Papers - up to 8,500 words
  • Reports - up to 4,500 words
  • Reviews - up to 10,500 words
  • Methods and Measures - Between 1000 to 6000 words

Longer articles may be considered at the Editor’s discretion. If your article is longer than the word limits start above, please discuss with the Editor in the first instance:

How can I submit my paper to IJBD?
IJBD has a fully web-based system for the submission and review of manuscripts. All submissions should be made online at the IJBD SAGE Track website:

For full submission guidelines, please visit the IJBD Website

What happens after my paper has been submitted?
IJBD follows a two-step review procedure, aimed to quickly inform authors of the decision on their submission. Each new submission is carefully read by the Editor, Brett Laursen, and one of the Associate Editors to decide whether it has a reasonable chance of getting published. If the Editor thinks it does not have this chance, the manuscript will not be sent out for review. IJBD strives to do this within two weeks after submission, so that authors do not have to wait long for an obvious rejection. Feedback is also provided on how to improve the manuscript, or what other journal would be more suitable. It is never nice to hear that one’s manuscript is rejected, but authors seem to be happy with the feedback, and with the quick decision.

If a manuscript is sent out for review, IJBD aims to give the authors feedback on their manuscript within 3 months.

When submitting an article to IJBD it takes, on average, 60 days from submission to final decision. The Journal accepts, on average, 25% of all submissions.


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