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ISSBD - Other Committees

Other Committees


Silvia Koller, Chair
Ken Rubin, Jonathan Santo, Linda Theron, Marta Fülop

This committee solicits nominations for ISSBD awards, reviews the submissions, and selects the awardees to be announced at the biennial meeting.


Ingrid Schoon, Chair
Nancy Galambos, Brett Laursen, Xinyin Chen, Marcel van Aken, Rick Burdick

This committee works with the Treasurer to review investments and develop investment policy; and provide advice on D&O insurance, US non-profit filings (form 990), and financial transactions and institutions. It also reviews the budget as proposed and recommends actions to the EC.


Tina Malti, Chair
Charissa Cheah, Astrid Poorthuis, Guilherme Wendt, Kerry Barner, Xinyin Chen

This committee works with the Membership Secretary (Tina Malti) on membership recruitment strategies, including reaching better coverage of the lifespan; greater diversity of fields; improved recruitment of human development scholars beyond the US, Canada, and Europe, while retaining these traditional members; and more young scholars. This committee also works with the Membership Secretary to develop policy about membership fees for regional members.


Toni Antonucci, Chair
Xinyin Chen, Nancy Galambos, Tina Malti, Karina Weichold

Develops the slate of nominees for elections.


William M. Bukowski, Chair
Jesus Palacios, Joan Grusec, Loreto Martinez, Jonathan Santo; ex officio: Brett Laursen, Karina Weichold & Deepali Sharma, Kerry Barner, Josafá da Cunha, Xinyin Chen

The Publications Committee oversees all ISSBD publications including IJBD, the ISSBD Bulletin, and web content. In addition, the Publications Committee recommends to the Executive Committee any changes in policy (including budgets) affecting publications. Finally, they periodically consider whether ISSBD should be engaging additional publication/communication approaches.

Regional Workshops

Suman Verma and Catherine Cooper, Co-Chairs
Bin-Bin Chen, Anne Petersen

The committee develops ideas about how regional workshops should be proposed, funded, and implemented. The committee works closely with the one on membership, and the Membership Secretary. One of its tasks is to observe and supervise current practices regarding membership dues collection and workshop funding in different countries, and to come up with recommendations regarding future practice. Another is to give advice to organizers of regional workshops.

Developing Country Fellowship Awards

Peter Smith, Chair
Catherine Cooper, Silvia Koller, Anne Petersen, Suman Verma

This ISSBD Award lasts two years and is for early career scholars from Developing Countries [see Regulations]. It has seen 10 scholars awarded Fellowships, 7 already completed successfully. The DCF Committee solicits applications for the Fellowship and recommends new Fellowship Awards to the EC.

ISSBD Fellows

Tina Malti, Chair
Marcel van Aken, Nancy Galambos, Ken Rubin, Biao Sang, Rainer Silbereisen

This committee solicits nominations for ISSBD Fellows awards, reviews the nominations, and selects the fellows to be announced at the biennial meeting.

Early Career Scholar Representatives

Josafá da Cunha, Chair
Joseph Lah Lo-oh, Julie Bowker, Abi Brooker, Bin-Bin Chen, Martina Zinkeng, Astrid Poorthuis, Jonathan Santo, Deepali Sharma, Guilherme Wendt

Early Career Development Committee

Toni Antonucci, Chair
Silvia Koller, Robert Serpell

The main task of this new committee is to develop ideas about how to improve the situation for ISSBD early career scholars and explore ways to improve the young scientist funding situation.

Early Career Travel Grant Committee

Julie Bowker, Chair
Esther Akinsola, Toni Antonucci, Nancy Galambos, Anne Petersen, Suman Verma, Goda Kaninsonyte

This committee is responsible for assessing and allocating travel grants for early career scholars.

Book Coordinator

Julie Robinson

Preconference Workshops

Marcel van Aken


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