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ISSBD - Membership


ISSBD membership is open to scholars and researchers who have completed postgraduate training in the behavioural, social or biological sciences and who are actively engaged in research on human developmental processes at any stage in the lifespan. Students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate study qualify for student membership.

ISSBD has members in over 60 countries, meaning there are more opportunities than ever to network with other developmental scientists around the globe. See below for some of the benefits of being an ISSBD member.

Benefits of membership

As a member of ISSBD you have access to:

  • The latest research on development across the life-span and across the globe
  • Grants, awards and early career support
  • Networking and professional development opportunities
  • 25% discount on SAGE books and journals
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If you wish you can also play an active part in the society by serving on one of ISSBD committees.

Member directory

The ISSBD membership directory allows to you to search and contact fellow ISSBD members working in your field or discipline, both in your own country and across the globe! Search by name, city, country, institution, research area or life-span.

Member map

The ISSBD member map allows you to view the total number of ISSBD members in each country around the world.


Every two years elections are held to determine who shall serve on the ISSBD committees. As a member of ISSBD you are encouraged to participate in this process by nominating and voting for the individuals you feel will best serve the society as a whole.

Call for ISSBD Mentors

The ISSBD Mentor Program is a service to provide an early-career scholar with informal mentoring by a mid-career or senior ISSBD scholar.

Successful mentoring is greatly valued by ISSBD as it supports early-career ISSBD scholars and enhances the reputation of ISSBD and the mentor within ISSBD. Mentoring relations can develop into cross-national collaborations and friendships.

For more information please click here or contact Julie Bowker, Membership Secretary, at


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