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ISSBD - Host a Biennial Meeting

Host a Biennial Meeting

Founded in 1969, ISSBD exists to promote and facilitate

  • the integration of research on human developmental processes throughout the life span,
  • the integration of different methodologies employed in the study of human development,
  • the integration of different national research projects concerned with the same or similar areas of development, and
  • international communication and exchange of information concerning current and future research.

A major way in which ISSBD fulfils these objectives is by holding and/or organising conferences and symposia. In particular, the Society sets great store by (and is justifiably proud of) its Biennial Meetings.

Since the first Meeting in 1971 attendance has grown from 200 people to over 1,300 participants. The importance and influence of the Biennial Meetings is evident through various factors, such as increased investigator interest in cross-cultural and cross-national studies of behavioural development and through the numerous international research efforts originating from them, by the increase in ISSBD membership in countries organizing Biennial Meetings, and by the Society's enhanced visibility to philanthropic foundations and research organisations.

The Society prefers to rotate the location of its Biennial Meetings across continents.

For detailed information and guidelines on how to host a Biennial Meeting (including example timetables, budgets, and general organisation tips) please click here


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