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ISSBD - Word from our President

Word from our President

Dear ISSBD Colleagues,

It is indeed an honor to be your new ISSBD President. I am both thrilled and awed to be elected to serve you.

We are living in challenging times. Many parts of the world are experiencing war, conflict and political unrest. An unprecedented number of children, adults and families live in unsettled circumstances as immigrants, refugees or under siege. There are children who have never lived in a permanent safe home or attended school on a regular basis. Governments are making decisions based on political or economic gain rather than what will maximize child or human well-being. While personal politics are indeed sensitive and private, as scientists we strive to achieve optimal human development regardless of geography or political opinions.

The International Society for the Study of Behavioural Development (ISSBD) is committed to promoting scholarly research and the application of knowledge to maximize well-being at every point in the life span. We are served by the multidisciplinary field of developmental science. Developmental science aims to describe, explain and, where appropriate, intervene to optimize developmental outcomes. Because of this, developmental science provides insights relevant for all human service fields including education, health, and social services. Therefore, to ensure that policies and professional practice in these fields are effective and efficient, it is important that they are informed by rigorous research in developmental science, supported by effective knowledge translation and applied in ways guided by implementation science.

Developmental science has gained an understanding of the wide range of life course trajectories that lead to adaptive or adverse outcomes, the factors that precipitate these different trajectories, and the developmental transition points at which interventions are likely be most effective. We have learned the importance of identifying and capitalizing on individual, family and community strengths to maintain and advance positive development among people of all ages.

Although we are living in challenging times, it is my hope that we can work together to forge new pathways to address these challenges in exciting ways, informed by science and fueled by our mutual goal to improve the lives of all. I look forward to working with you to achieve this goal.

Toni Antonucci

President of ISSBD


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