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ISSBD - Early Career Scholars

Early Career Scholars

Welcome to the webpages of the ISSBD early career scholars! On these pages, you can find out more about who we are and what we do. We hope that this will help you to get involved in our organization.

On behalf of the ISSBD early career scholars,

Josafá M. Cunha (2014-2018)
Federal University of Parana
Rua Alberico Flores Bueno, 2546
Curitiba PR Brazil 82820-070

Phone: 55-41-8429-4713
Julie Bowker (2012-2016)
Early Career Scholar Representative
224 Park Hall
Department of Psychology
Buffalo, NY 14260 USA
phone: (716) 645-0187

Who are ISSBD Early Career Scholars (ECS)?

Broadly speaking, this is a scholar of human development who is either working towards a PhD or whose PhD has been awarded less than 7 years ago. Most early career scholars are undergraduate students, graduate/PhD students, postdocs, or junior faculty members. They are thus in the early stage of their careers.

Why does ISSBD care about Early Career Scholars?

ISSBD feels committed to early career scholars for at least three reasons. First, we want to promote the careers of starting scientists by equipping them with the best possible resources. Second, ISSBD strongly believes it can benefit from the good ideas and energy of early career scholars. Third, by focusing on early career scholars, ISSBD hopes it can promote the kind of generational change that is necessary to keep our organization as vibrant and active as it is today.

What does ISSBD do for early career scholars?

Our activities for early career scholars are structured according to four domains (see figure), which are described here.

1) ISSBD elects a special early career scholar representative every two years (during even years, in which the ISSBD Biennial Meeting also takes place). This person coordinates all early career scholar initiatives and is a member of the ISSBD executive committee. He or she also makes sure that all other ISSBD committees have at least one early career scholar member. This way, we want to make sure that concerns of early career scholars are heard and taken into account. At the end of the two-year term, the previous representative continues to serve an additional two years as deputy representative to provide the newly elected representative with advice and thus guarantee a smooth transition and institutional continuity. If you want to become an early career scholar member in one of the committees, you can contact the current early career scholar representative and let him or her know about your intentions and interests. For a list of all committees in which early career scholars have a seat, see the end of this page.

2) ISSBD organizes workshops for early career scholars to make sure that they are able to benefit from the methodological and theoretical knowledge of more advanced colleagues. A number of workshops (e.g., about publishing, career development, statistics) are organized as a part of ISSBD Biennial Meetings In addition, we organize regional workshops on related topics. Click here for an up-to-date list of coming ISSBD workshops.

3) ISSBD would like to share relevant information with its early career scholar members. For this purpose, all new members can opt to identify themselves as early career scholars (by specifying that they are still working towards a PhD or have been awarded one less than 7 years ago). Having done so, they will be updated on things like workshops, funding possibilities and policy decisions that are especially relevant for early career scholars. You will automatically receive the e-newsletter this way.

4) Via this website, ISSBD would like to make resources and information available to early career scholars. For example, we have compiled a list of open source resources that early career scholars can use free of charge:
We hope that more and more early career scholars will similarly share information that they have found useful with their peers.

Finally, as promised, here's a list of our great team of early career scholar representatives:

Last name First name Country Committee Email
Bowker Julie USA Awards
Bowker Julie USA International Fellowship
Bowker Julie USA Early Career Development
Brooker Abi Australia Early Career Development
Chen Bin-Bin China Regional Workshop
da Cunha Josafá Brazil Social Media Editor
Poorthuis Astrid Netherlands Membership
Santo Jonathan Canada Publications
Sharma Deepali India Finance
Wendt Guilherme Brazil Membership
Zinkeng Martina Cameroon International Fellowship

Early Career Researcher Gallery from the Biennial Meeting, 2010, Zambia.


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