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ISSBD Biennial Meetings

The ISSBD Biennial Meeting is an occasion for ISSBD members to meet, network and collaborate with other researchers of human development from around the world, helping foster research, education and scholarly collaboration. Delegates are given the opportunity to present their own research on behavioural development, while also learning more about human development research in the areas of developmental science, health, education, psychology, sociology and related fields.

2022 ISSBD Biennial Meeting

Dear ISSBD Colleagues and Friends,

I am very pleased to invite and welcome you to ISSBD 2022 in Rhodes Greece. As you know, this meeting has been delayed from the original 2020 schedule. Since that year, we have all been through difficult times. Some have survived the pandemic relatively unscathed while others have suffered through extremely difficult times. We have seen food insecurity, unemployment, illness, deaths, and untold repercussions of the global pandemic. It has certainly been experienced differently by people in different parts of the world. Even as we prepare for ISSBD 2022 and circumstances are improving dramatically in many parts of the world, in other places things remain extremely difficult. My sympathies and deep concern to all as some continue to struggle while others endeavor to recover from the difficult experiences we have had.

One thing we have learned from this pandemic is that human behavior is critical to human survival. The virus spread because people and governments refused to recognize it and/or take the necessary steps to thwart it. But we have also seen wonderful examples of people reaching out to others to help them cope with difficult circumstances. We have seen government policy that reached out to help people who were experiencing the most difficult times of their lives. In short, it’s been the worst of times; it’s been the best of times.

If ever we could feel the pull and importance of what we do, i.e. seek to study, understand, intervene and optimize human behavior, it has been over this last year. I feel it is critical that we bring what we know and identify what we do not yet know to help our families, societies and the world recover and thrive in the times ahead. What better time to come together as individuals, professionals and humans to consider and optimize how we can best contribute to creating our future?

I look forward to meeting with you in Rhodes - to hear about what we have learned over the last year and to help plan for a better future.

With Warm Wishes,

Toni C. Antonucci, Ph.D.
ISSBD, President

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To date, ISSBD has hosted more than 20 Biennial Meetings across six continents, most recently in Vilnius, Lithuania, Edmonton, Canada, Lusaka, Zambia and Shanghai, China. For more information on past conferences, including access to the conference photo gallery, please click here.

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