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ISSBD Awards

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From 2004, ISSBD instigated a series of awards to scholars in the field of behavioral development. ISSBD grants up to four awards at their Biennial Meetings and the Awards Committee is chaired by Professor Silvia Koller. The four awards are as follows:

(1) ISSBD Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award: honors a single individual who has made distinguished theoretical or empirical contributions to basic research, student training, and other scholarly endeavors in Behavioral Development. Evaluations are based on the scientific merit of the individual's work, and the significance of this work for generating new empirical or theoretical areas in the study of Behavioral Development.

(2) ISSBD Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Behavioral Development Theory and Research: honors researchers who have made distinguished theoretical or empirical advances in Behavioral Development leading to the understanding or amelioration of important practical problems. The award is for an individual whose work has contributed not only to the science of Behavioral Development, but who has also worked to the benefit of the application of science to society. The individual's contributions may have been made through advocacy, direct service, influencing public policy or education, or through any other routes that enable the science of Behavioral Development to improve the welfare of children and/or adults, and/or families.

(3) ISSBD Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Research and Theory in Behavioural Development: honors distinguished and enduring lifetime contributors to international cooperation and advancement of knowledge.

(4) ISSBD Young Scientist Award: recognizes an early career scientist who has made a distinguished theoretical contribution to the study of Behavioral Development, has conducted programmatic research of distinction, or has made a distinguished contribution to the dissemination of developmental science. The award is for continued efforts rather than a single outstanding work. Scientists who are within seven years of completion of the doctoral degree are eligible.

ISSBD Awards 2016

The following scientists were selected as awardees at the 24th ISSBD Biennial Meeting, Vilnius, Lithuania:

(1) ISSBD Distinguished Scientific Contribution Award:

AWARDEE: Prof. Håkan Stattin, Professor at the School of Law, Psychology and Social Work at Örebro University, Örebro (Sweden).

(2) ISSBD Distinguished Scientific Award for the Applications of Behavioral Development Theory and Research:

AWARDEE: Prof. Richard Lerner, Bergstrom Chair in Applied Developmental Science and the Director of the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts (USA).

(4) ISSBD Young Scientist Award:

AWARDED: Dr Radosveta Dimitrova, Stockholms universitet, Stockholm (Sweden).

The 2016 committee included Silvia Koller (chair), Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; Ken Rubin, University of Maryland, USA; Jonathan Santo, University of Nebraska Omaha USA; Linad Theron, University of Pretoria, South Africa and Márta Fülöp, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary.


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